Bachman G. Bedichek

Bachman Bedichek was born January 19, 1918 and died January 24, 1964. He was married to Jane Gracy and had five children, John, Louise, Paul, Ellen, and Robert. He was the son of Roy Bedichek and Lillian Greer Bedichek. Before WWII, he earned a law degree from the University of Texas at Austin. During WWII, Bachman was in the US Navy and the skipper of LST-240. LST's were built in great haste once the US entered the war and performed well in WWII (with numbers up in the thousands). LST stands for Landing Ship Tank, though an informal name was "Large Slow Target."

It was Jane Bedichek's (nee Gracy) idea that he write a piece of his war diary in each letter [typed up by Louise Bedichek in the 1980s]. He was writing almost every day and running out of things to say. After the war, he earned an LLM degrees at Columbia Law School. He taught there for a few years, worked in a law practice, and then was chief counsel for Texas Gulf Sulfur, based in New York City. He died quite unexpectedly of a cerebral aneurysm while on a business trip in Canada the age of 46.

Bedichek graves in Eddy Texas

NY Times Obituary (it listed "Allen Gracy", should have read "Ellen Gracy", and, related, should have listed three sons and two daughters).
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